Grand Council Officers

Grand Council Officer Title Grand Council Officer Name Grand Council Officer Email
Grand Master Most Ill Comp. David G. Weimer
Deputy Grand Master Rt. Ill. Comp. Michael L. Terry
Grand Principal Conductor of Work Rt. Ill. Comp R. Wesley Webber, Jr​
Grand Treasurer M. Ill. Comp. Robert R. Rettig
Grand Recorder MIC Bobby G. Campbell
Grand Captain of the Guard Rt. Ill. Comp. James A. Sutherin
Grand Conductor of Council Rt. Ill. Comp. Rodney V. Fowler
Grand Steward Rt. Ill. Comp.Stephen K. Carson
Grand Marshall Rt. Ill. Comp. Ronald L. Myers
Grand Sentinal R. ILL. Comp. Darrell E. Reed.
Inspector Ninth Arch RIC George E. Moore
Grand Chaplain R. ILL. Comp. Curtis A. Miller
Associate Grand Chaplain ILL. Comp. Robert A. Esarey
Grand Barrister Rt. Ill. Comp. Edward W. Erfurt III
Grand Aide ILL. COMP. Ronald J Boken, jr
Aide to Grand Recorder ILL. Comp. Kenneth Chamberlain
Grand Fraternal Correspondent Ill. Comp. John A. Johnson
Grand Musician Ill. Comp. Matt Young
Grand Historian ILL. COMP. Kenneth Kubach
Grand Photographer Paula Lively